How to promote your NFT Projects on a podcast?

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Do you want to promote your Web3 Projects on Podcasts ?

NFT is the new thing on social media and on the news. There are massive sales of NFTs. The Merge by Pak was one of the most expensive NFT ever sold. This digital artwork was sold for $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway on December 6, 2021.  Building an NFT project and selling it, is not as easy as it looks. It requires a big campaign launch and promotion. Promoting your NFTs on podcasts is one of the promising ways to get more eyes on you, increase your influence and make sales. In this article, we are going to share how Podcast interviews and presence can help have great results for your projects on NFT and Web3 in general.

How do I advertise my NFT project on a podcast?

If you have a solid and great NFT project, the first place you should look to promote your project is a podcast agency. They will help you advertise your NFT project on different podcast interviews. At Podcagent we connect you to the best podcast shows for your business.  By going through a professional to advertise your NFT project, you make sure that you get the right audience to gain more exposure, more influence, and make more sales.

How do I get my NFTs noticed?

To get your NFTs noticed, it is important that you find the right podcast, the right host, and the right listeners. All three have to go hand in hand to get a positive result. And for that, you can do the process yourself or contact us as a podcast booking agency. However, if you would like to start on your own, our advice is to look for a crypto/NFT podcast and all related to WEB3 and Metaverse. Prepare a pitch and start contacting them and hopefully you can get some results. The booking process is time and energy consuming, this is why different clients prefer to work with us as we take care of the whole process, and they only have to do the interview.

How do I create a successful Podcast NFT campaign?

To create successful NFT podcast campaigns, it is recommended to work with a podcast agency. You will have an all-in-one service, from booking your podcast show to promoting your completed podcast on social media. Podcasting is one of the keys to a successful NFT campaign, it helps the project get reputation, trust, and a name on the Market. This will bring more audience and leads to the NFT project campaign. Therefore, it is crucial to collaborate with podcast booking agency to take care of getting you booked on different podcasts that fit your project.

How can I promote my NFT project for free?

In general, there are many ways to promote NFT work such as: getting on a podcast, making YouTube/ AMA’s collaborations, Twitter space, TikTok, Instagram and other ways. Podcast interviews are one of the best ways to promot your NFT/crypto projects. There are many podcasts on the NFT/Crypto that you can contact and pitch to get an interview with them. In case you don’t want to waste your time and energy on this booking process, you can contact us and we can take care of the whole process on your behalf. We work with different partners to arrange you a series of interviews.


Benefits of Podcagent

Podcagent is a podcast agency specializing in matching guests and podcasters. The agency helps to grow business through podcast interviews. They work with experts in different fields (NFT/Crypto, WEB3, Metaverse, Ecommerce and other different fields) to find the best podcast shows, the one with the right guest and the right audience to get you more exposure, more influence, and more sales.

Podcagent is also dedicated to finding the best guest speakers for podcast hosts.

  1. In booking you for podcasts appearances 

Podcagent offers one of the best podcast booking services. The agency provides the best connections that fit your business.

With Podcagent you will have full services from booking to promoting. The team takes care of all logistics. They also provide guidance to help you make a great podcast experience.

  1. In finding the best guest speakers for your podcast niche

Podcagent finds the best speakers for your podcast niche. We have a large podcast portfolio of guests crafted by a talented team of connectors and bookers. The agency works with different clients in different fields. If you are a crypto/NFT/Web3 or Metaverse Podcast. Podcagent will help you find the best fit for your show.

You're On Your way To Success.