How to get the best ROI (Return on investment) from your Podcasts ?

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How to get the best ROI (Return on investment) from your Podcasts ?

No doubt that Podcasts are a great way to grow your business and spread your value….

This audience is incredibly Engaged…The proof is even for a very small specified weird niche…you always find engaged audience!

A completed podcast is a different form of a passive income…it will be here day and night working for you…

But Guess what ? it is not that easy as it seems…let me explain why..

Podcasts audience is so engaged and you should always give them the best of you…but the real question here is…

When you are a guest on a podcast… you are so excited and engaged to give the best version of you and a great value…that’s really important…but there is always a BUT…

Yes unfortunately, that is never enough to get you a big Return on investment from your audience!

I know that looks maybe weird for you…but it’s the truth! S

 You know why?

Because most of guests forget to bring the audience into their websites and leads Traffic! They forget to make audience REMEMBER their names, brand and services…

To put all the chance in your side in order to bring new leads for your business, find below some simple effective tips:

 Mention it again and again:

You Must make sure to MENTION your Brand/Website CLEARLY at the Beginning and at the End of the Podcast. Make sure that the Guest MENTION it too!

Do not HESITATE to MENTION it during the Podcast whenever you have the opportunity and use it to give examples…Just be careful to NOT being so needy!

 PLAN when to mention your brand and website:

It is important to Plan when to Mention your brand name and website depending on the Podcast

Before getting to the podcast…check the Podcast program and prepare yourself to Mention it as much as possible following the subject and the Podcast program.

 Call to ACTION:

People are listening and are determined to get value…but don’t forget that we all need a call to ACTION to make it happen.

That means…Call your audience to visit your website…subscribe to your emails list and Services…and invite them to contact you directly if needed!

To sum up the best formula to get the best ROI (Return on investment) is : Plan to Mention…Repetition to remember and Call to ACTION !

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